Al Mizhar Health Center Review


The Dubai Health Authority is moving to establish an advanced and integrated unit with equipment and techniques for physiotherapy, within the Al Mizhar Health Center,

in order to provide new quality services for groups with disabilities, the elderly, and other sick conditions, after the success of the process of integrating the services of the Al Qusais and Al Mizhar centers and the files of the auditors of the two centers in the Center Al Mizhar, who has redoubled its efforts to accommodate the increasing demand for its services.

Al Mizhar health center

  • At the beginning of his visit to the center, Al Qatami was briefed on the details of the Physiotherapy Unit project, which is in line with the Dubai Plan 2021, the My Community Strategy for Everyone 2020,
  • The National Plan for the Elderly 2023, and aims to provide rehabilitation services in health centers and make them accessible to patients of different ages, and reduce the waiting list in health centers.
  • Other rehabilitation, reducing the percentage of disabilities and reducing complications in some sick cases, and educating patients and their families about the importance of the role that physical therapy and rehabilitation play in their daily lives.

Features of Al Mizhar Health Center

  • Al Qatami said that Al Mizhar Health Center represents a model of a modern medical facility, which brings together a group of human cadres and competencies, and a set of modern equipment of diagnostic and treatment methods,
  • In addition to the civilized appearance that reflects the aspirations of Dubai.
  • Al-Qatami explained that the modernization work in health centers and medical clinics, in particular, It is one of the most important development paths that the authority adopts to implement, which aims to bring health services to the closest point to members of society.


In the end, Hamid Al-Qatami, during his visit to the Al-Mizhar Center, learned about the steps that the auditors follow to reach the required health service, praising the system of receiving customers, and the great interest in providing all means of care for patients,

at a time when a number of auditors exchanged conversations about the level of services, where the auditors confirmed their confidence. Al Mizhar Center and their satisfaction with the medical care it provides.



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