How To Check Health Insurance In Absher


In this article you will know how to check health insurance in absher step by step That’s why follow us.

Citizens and visitors alike are fully aware of medical insurance’s role in reducing the financial risks of medical treatment. Those who work in the private sector in the Kingdom of Saudi medical insurance and the renewal of their residence may  be  required to check their Health Insurance status in Absher

Aside from foreigners, many commercial, public, and semi-public organizations in Saudi Arabia provide medical insurance to all of their Saudi workers. As a result, a large number of individuals are interested in learning about the specifics of their medical insurance plan and how it affects them and their loved ones. As a result, a number of government agencies now provide online insurance policy information. On this page, we’ve included instructions on how to check health insurance in absher.

What is the Absher app ?

This app and platform, known as Absher, was developed by the General Directorate of Passports to make it easier for citizens to conduct their passport and visa-related business online, eliminating the need to visit a physical passport office and allowing them to save time and money while also improving the accuracy of their work.

Eliminate the number of people who visit the Passports Department and provide them with service over the Internet, as well as connect all government sectors electronically so that transactions can be completed at any time, and reduce the phenomena of forgery.

Because you don’t have to pay any extra costs and may use the service at any time and from any location, this method stands apart.

how to check health insurance policy status through the Absher app ?

Health insurance is one of the services provided by the Saudi Ministry of Health, to secure the health of citizens and residents from many diseases and health risks, as it covers the costs of examination and treatment and provides psychological and physical support to citizens, by doing it By collecting the costs of expenses needed for treatment from all parties to be distributed after that according to need, this is one of the useful ways to every citizen residing in the Kingdom.

The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has linked the residence renewal service with the medical insurance renewal service, where it is possible to inquire about health insurance With the residence number online via the Absher platform or the Saudi Health Insurance Council website.

Queries about health insurance status  using residency numbers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be easily done through the Absher electronic portal or through the health insurance website, where the Kingdom’s government has developed all services in the Ministry of Health, including health insurance services. Relying on technology and converting all services from paper to digital in light of the vision of launching the Kingdom 2030.

How To Check Health Insurance In Absher ?

. This query can be made with the residence number By implementing the following steps, you can inquire about the health insurance with the residence number through the Absher electronic portal as follows:

  • Log in to the Absher electronic platform.
  • Click on the Absher Individuals option, then add the user name and password to pass.
  • Enter the visible code shown and press the login button.
  • Click on the Electronic Inquiries option.
  • Click on the Passports tab.
  • Press the button to inquire about the validity of the insurance for residents.
  • Write the residence number and add the postal code.
  • Click on the View icon.

All data and special details will appear in the validity of the insurance, and if the message about the insurance policy appears in green color, it means that the insurance is valid, and if the message in red color appears, it means that the insurance has expired.

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