Steps to check iqama expiry without absher


It is possible to check the expiration date of your Iqama on and to renew it if necessary. This article will tell you how to check iqama expiry without absher.

Because of their location or the device, they’re using; many individuals can’t accomplish this. If you’re an international user, you can’t renew your Iqama without installing Absher on your computer.

Then you may have found yourself in a situation where there is no way out. In the end, there is a solution to the problem.

How to check iqama expiry without absher

You may check the expiration date of your Iqama without using Absher as long as you can access your email account and download the Absher App on your phone. To do so, follow these steps:

1) Sign in to your email account online;

2) Click on “Accounts and Import/Export” in the left-hand menu;

3) Click on “Import Data from Foreign Account.”

Even though this approach is straightforward, it is essential to note that it is not possible to check the validity status without using Absher. However, you won’t get a complete picture from this location.

Using the Absher site is the only way to see everything from Huroob status, to corporate red or green level, to iqama penalties, renewal costs, dependent fees, and Sponsor or Kafeel data.

If you want to access all of Iqama’s data, I recommend following this simple tutorial to set up an Absher account.

Check iqama expiry without absher via MOL KSA website

  • If you want to check your Iqama expiry date but don’t have an Absher account, there are ways to do so.
  • The first option is to visit the Ministry of Labor’s inquiry service. You’ll need your iqama number and a Gregorian or Hijri date to find out the exact expiration date of your Iqama.
  • Go to the Ministry of Labor website to get the information you need.
  • First, enter your Iqama number, Border Number, and Date of Birth as it appears on your Iqama.
  • Then, hit enter. A pop-up will appear that tells you the date your Iqama expires. Once you know your iqama expiry date, you’re ready to go.
  • If you have an Iqama but don’t have an account, you can use an online service to find out. However, it’s important to note that the expiry date on your Iqama may not be accurate.
  • If you’re unsure, you can also use your Absher account to check your Iqama’s validity. An Absher system will show you the correct Iqama expiry date.
  • If it isn’t, you can enter the Iqama’s current date, but the Hijri date will be converted to Hijri.
  • Absher is an online application portal designed by the Ministry of Interior. It has several other features that you can use, including checking your Iqama expiry date.
  • Visit the Ministry of Labor’s inquiry service and enter the iqama number to get the information.
  • You will need to have your Absher account credentials to access the site, and you must have a valid email address.

Steps to check iqama expiry without Absher via MOL KSA website

Steps to check iqama expiry without Absher via MOL KSA website includes:

  • Check your Iqama’s expiration date using this approach if you are not enrolled with Absher or have lost your password.
  • If you are interested in learning more about MOL, you can visit their website at
  • Arabic, English, or Urdu are the available choices.
  • Identify yourself by entering your “Iqama Number.”
  • Use the Gregorian or Hijra calendars to select your date of birth, if you like.
  • Click on the “Next” button after you’ve entered the picture code.
  • Your Iqama’s expiration date may be seen on the following page.
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