How to check insurance validity of iqama


in this article we will explain How to check insurance validity of iqama as Iqama insurance in Saudi Arabia is very necessary for every expatriate to do, it is medical insurance, and it must be present in order to obtain residency and be able to renew it as well.

Also, this procedure must be done for family members residing in the same place with the person holding the residence permit.

Therefore, all expatriates are interested in making sure the health insurance is valid and also the expiry date of their residence permit.

There are some terms that are common to all foreign workers residing within the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as health insurance check, residency insurance, in addition to insurance inquiry.

How to check insurance validity of iqama ?

There are two ways you can inquire about insurance, and at the same time you can find out what the status of your health insurance policy is with each of them.

One of those ways is to check your health insurance by CCHI, and the other way is by checking with the Ministry of the Interior, and in this article we will explain how to check insurance validity of iqama in detail and you can choose the appropriate one for you according to your convenience.

1-Iqama insurance check with CCHI

The method allows you to read all the details of insurance in Saudi Arabia, and this is through the website dedicated to that CCHI, and it is one of the simplest and easiest ways that many people prefer when check health insurance, as it enables you to know the details of the insurance company, and the exact date for the expiry of the policy, so come on Let’s start with how to check your iqama insurance in this way:

  • Find the link dedicated to the CCHI website.
  • There are so many tabs at the bottom of the CCHI homepage, you’ll click on ‘Health Insurance Inquiry”.
  • You will find in front of you a new page that has already opened, with an explanation of all the procedures used in that service, you will simply click on the “service link”.
  • You will now notice the emergence of a new page known as the insurance query, you will find a box in which is written the ID number, you can now enter your residence number, as well as the border number.
  • Enter the image code in another box on the same page, and then press the “OK” button

Thus, we have finished the easiest way through which you can inquire about insurance, as we have explained. 

The screen in front of you will start displaying the deadline for the validity of residence insurance with all the information about its insurance company.

How to check and confirm the expiry date of the insurance for visitors?

Would you like to know the date set for the insurance to expire for the person holding a visitor visa using the CCHI website as well?

It is very simple, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Click on the following link (link)
  • Enter the passport number of that visitor.
  • Enter the image code and then don’t forget to press the “OK” button.
  • So we are done with all those steps and you just have to check the insurance expiry date on the next page.

2-How to check insurance with the Ministry of Interior?

In the next steps, we will provide a detailed explanation of how to check insurance within the borders of Saudi Arabia with the Ministry of Interior:

  • Enter the Ministry of Interior website by clicking here (link)
  • Then don’t forget to change the language to English.
  • Click on the “Electronic Inquiries ” button, then “Passports’.
  •  After that, a tab will appear, which is a general query about health insurance health.
  • A new page will appear in front of you, type the residence number and enter the image code, then do not forget to press the “View’ button.
  • A new page will open showing all your insurance validity details.
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