How to claim insurance for car accident in Saudi Arabia


The government has recently amended and implemented traffic accident laws in Saudi Arabia. So, it is an excellent necessity to understand How to claim insurance for car accidents in Saudi Arabia. For everyone who survives an accident and wants to claim insurance coverage, this new law will significantly impact their ability to get the money they deserve. In light of the new law, we’re taking a deeper look at what it means for accident victims and how they may collect their insurance benefits.

The expense of an automobile accident might be high. Unfortunately, accidents are all too prevalent in Saudi Arabia, where vehicles must battle with the extreme heat of the desert and other drivers who aren’t paying attention. If you’re in an accident, you’ll want to know what to do next so that your insurance claim is handled correctly. Tips on protecting yourself and maximizing your insurance claim will be discussed below.

What the new law entails for accident victims ?

  • Before we discuss How to claim insurance for car accidents in Saudi Arabia? Let us talk about The new regulation which safeguards accident victims from being harassed by their insurance carriers.
  • According to the new rule, accident victims are no longer needed to give an insurance company a statement to receive their benefits.
  • For those who have survived a vehicle accident, this means they won’t have to divulge details about how the accident happened or what happened afterward, which may be challenging when you’re coping with the emotional and physical trauma of having just been in a car accident.
  • In addition, a new Saudi Arabian regulation mandates that an accident victim must get a final judgment on their claim within three days after submitting one.
  • So accident victims will learn more about their case and whether or not they’ve been approved much more quickly, thanks to this.

How to claim insurance for car accident in Saudi Arabia ?

After a car accident, take these actions to claim insurance for car accident in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Take immediate action: Turn on your car’s warning lights and make sure you and others are safe. Call 997 if you have suffered severe injuries that require emergency medical treatment.
  2. File a report: Inform Najm about the accident and your location using their Najm app or calling 92000056.
  3. Meanwhile, prepare the essential legal papers, such as a registration license, a driver’s license, and an insurance policy, all of which should be valid and unexpired.
  4. Begin documenting: Before getting out of your car, scan the road and begin recording. Najm will request that you photograph the situation from multiple perspectives, as well as any damage to vehicles, the road, or junctions.
  5. It is also good to photograph anything that might have impacted the incidents, such as pertinent road signs or road conditions.
  6. Move your car to the side to avoid impeding traffic; being in the center of the road can easily lead to a chain reaction.
  7. Remember to park your vehicle in a safe spot, but don’t drive away from the scene, or you’ll be charged with “hit-and-run.”
  8. Wait for Najm: When the Najm inspector arrives, he will assess the problem and listen to what you have to say; never admit blame. The inspector will establish each party’s level of obligation and provide a report.
  9. Najm digital services: Najm has created a sophisticated electronic system to expedite and shorten the completion of all automobile insurance service operations.
  10. At the scene of the accident, all procedures will be launched immediately, and customers will be able to get the following papers through SMS.

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