Medgulf Health Insurance Prices List


Medgulf health insurance prices ? Perhaps this is one of the critical questions that haunt many residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and those residing on its lands,

As the Kingdom is home to many health insurance companies, and Medgulf is one of these companies, and it is one of the first insurance companies to offer group health insurance plans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our article will provide you with details of medgulf health insurance prices.

Medgulf Insurance Company

  • MEDGULF is the Mediterranean and Gulf Cooperative Insurance and Reinsurance Company, one of the largest cooperative insurance companies in Saudi Arabia, and is a licensed company under the supervision and supervision of the Saudi Monetary Agency.
  • This company offers a full range of insurance products for groups and individuals in the Kingdom. This includes various insurance and reinsurance services, as Medgulf helps in providing the best services to clients, each according to their needs, and offers multiple insurance solutions for all categories of engineering and aviation, insurance for industry, cars, real estate, and health care.

Medgulf health insurance services

  • It should be noted here that MEDGULF is one of the first insurance companies to introduce group health insurance systems in Saudi Arabia, as it relies on its expertise in the field of health insurance.
  • It provides different categories of group insurance tailored to the needs of the Kingdom’s institutions to ensure the most appropriate health care for employees. In this regard, it is mentioned that health insurance includes a group of things covered.

Medgulf health insurance prices details

Medgulf is proud of its quality to the beneficiaries of the sons of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and residing in the Hijaz regions.

This company stands out as the cheapest insurance company because Medgulf health insurance provides you with care in the best hospitals in the Kingdom at affordable and reasonable prices for everyone, and here is the list of medical insurance prices in Medgulf:

  • The cost of old-age insurance in medgulf health insurance prices  (0 to 17 years) is 570 Saudi riyals.
  • Medgulf medical insurance rates for employees (male/female)
  • The insurance age (18-45 years) is 400 Saudi riyals.

Medgulf Health Insurance Rates for Wives (With Pregnancy and Childbirth Covered):

  • The price of life insurance (18 – 21 years) is 1900 Saudi riyals. (22-25 years) 1800 Saudi riyals. (30-26 years old) 1700 Saudi riyals. (31-35 years old) 1400 Saudi riyals. (36-40 years) 1,350 SAR (41-45 years) 1,150 SAR.

Medgulf Health Insurance Pricing for Adults (Men/Women):

  • The price of health insurance for age (46-50 years) is 900 Saudi riyals. (51-55 years) 1,300 Saudi riyals. (56-60 years) 3250 Saudi riyals. (61 – 65 years) 4,500 Saudi riyals. 65 and over 14,190 Saudi riyals.

Medgulf Group Health Insurance Benefits

Medgulf group health insurance has many advantages that distinguish it from other insurance companies, and here are its most important features:

  • It offers a wide range of products specifically designed to meet the various needs and requirements of the organization.
  • It provides a network of the best hospitals and medical centers spread throughout the Kingdom and the region.
  • Direct payment of medical bills.
  • Quick resolution of cash claims.
  • Personal Insurance Card and Medgulf Network Directory.
  • A 24-hour emergency line for emergency medical cases inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Medgulf subscriber service line for inquiries and 24-hour support.
  • Browse and manage subscriber history through the site.


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