Walaa Insurance Hospital List


Walaa Insurance Hospital List is a new way to save money in Saudi Arabia. It’s a revolutionary concept that has been practiced in other countries for years.

Still, it’s only recently that we’ve started to see its popularity take off. walaa insurance hospital lists are different because rather than being owned by an individual or a company, it’s owned by everyone who pays into it.

This means that the amount of money you put into the system goes up as more people buy into it and leave their savings in the system. The more people use walaa insurance, the more likely it is to succeed and flourish, which leads to better benefits for all members of society.

Information about Walaa Insurance Company

Walaa Insurance Company was established in 2007. It is located in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. It provides its clients with many types of insurance such as medical insurance, vehicle and automobile insurance, travel insurance, engineering insurance, various accidents, home insurance, and many more.

The company offers different prices for each type of insurance. Still, their prices remain appropriate and do not compare to their benefits to all customers. To inquire about the cost of the insurance service you want to obtain, you must contact the company on this number 920001742.

Service provided by Walaa Medical Insurance

The service provided by Walaa Medical Insurance is to provide a professional insurance certificate for individuals and organizations to cover treatment forms in several hospitals in the Kingdom,

And there are two forms of insurance papers; the first form is the old document that the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance takes, and the other is a document that is taken when Consensus between the insurance and the person, and here we have finished the particular topic about the list of loyalty insurance hospitals.

Renew your walaa insurance online

Walaa insurance renewal is a service obtained by the insurance company’s Walaa Online website. This service facilitates obtaining a policy for Saudis and foreigners without complications or wasting time. You can renew the Walaa Medical Insurance through the company’s website.

Dear reader, you can renew the insurance from the insurance website through the following methods:

  • Of course, you must access the website to secure entry.
  • Fill in the private information of the user name and password in the respective fields.
  • Also, click on the entry box.
  • Move to the (electronic services) tab.
  • Also, click on the hospitals’ loyalty insurance service.
  • In addition, enter the necessary data in the fields assigned.
  • Ensure that the data is correct.
  • In addition, paying the amount allocated for renewing the document.
  • Finally, click on the Submit box.

Also, here you have completed all the stages of renewing the Walaa Online insurance company.

Walaa Insurance Hospital List

  • There are many hospitals in Saudi Arabia. Also, it is not possible to limit the list of walaa medical insurance. To find out that the hospital is subject to a walaa medical insurance, it is crucial to call 920001742.
  • The company’s spokesperson will provide you with a list of walaa insurance hospitals and set an appointment that suits you when you suffer from a disease.
  • You should know that this insurance covers all treatment expenses, including medicine and surgeries. It also covers hospitals inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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